Unofficial Wedding Album

As a street photographer, I often see the day-to-day life of a city filled with hardships and challenges. Fortunately, my view changed one afternoon when I wandered into the rotunda at San Francisco’s City Hall and found an amazing upbeat scene.  There were over 100 people filling the space, many of them were couples waiting to be married. Although these couples were strangers to each other, they shared the rotunda as if it were their own living room.  As they lined up to take their vows, it was like being on a movie set. People were changing outfits, styling hair, adjusting makeup, and posing and smiling for pictures.  A few more visits to City Hall confirmed that this ritual was repeated daily with endless variations.  I felt stimulated by the people and moved by the endless energy and joy that filled the building. I wanted to photograph this scene to document something that is happening today in our cities -  something that is positive, meaningful, and inclusive.  I decided to join the action as an unofficial wedding photographer.  While the traditionally posed pictures were being taken, I tried to compile a different type of wedding album; one that documents those quirky, loving and often-unexpected moments.